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Message Me Behavioural Assessment

Criterion Partnership is excited to announce the launch of our new, modern and engaging instant messenger behavioural assessment; Message Me.

Under the surface, this assessment works like a traditional situational judgement test (SJT), however, unlike the traditional SJT, the assessment takes the form of an instant messaging conversation. Mimicking popular instant messaging services, in this assessment, respondents receive a message from a colleague presenting them with a question or scenario, to which they must reply by choosing from a selection of message options.

Message Me - Gamified Situational Judgement Test
Communication based Situational Judgement Test

Adding Value to the Traditional

The traditional SJT format is designed to give candidates a realistic preview of the role. However, for some role types (e.g. retail roles), the traditional SJT format of reading through static text is itself not realistic to their work environment. This can reduce the relevance and validity of the tool. Message Me harnesses the current benefits of the SJT approach whilst offering additional advantages:

  • provides a more realistic scenario to respondents in a format familiar to most, especially those early in their career

  • gamified elements help to create an engaging assessment experience that educates, informs and entertains the respondents

  • real time, immediate response needed, mimicking the fast past decision making needed in the work environment and helps capture the candidates true reactions

  • less pressure on the candidates reading comprehension skills, meaning you are assessing them based truly on their behaviour and style

Gamified Situational Judgement Assessments

Adaptive testing: Bringing the role to life

The assessment can work in an adaptive way, such that the story that unfolds during the assessment depends on the respondents choice of response. Underlying the assessment is a decision tree, which powers the subsequent message the respondent receives, based on the response they choose. This “create your own story” format enables candidates to a get a richer and more meaningful insight in to the nature of the role, and the impact of the choices they make.

messageme tree

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