Bespoke Psychometric Assessments

Fully tailored psychometric assessments made to measure

All of our off-the-shelf psychometric assessments are built to be flexible, user-configurable, and to adapt to your needs. However, if you are looking for tools designed specifically to your organisation’s unique recruitment/development needs, our bespoke psychometric services are the way to go.

Drawing on over 25 years experience, we know how to create tools that measure exactly what you are looking for, whilst emulating the look and feel of your organisation’s voice and values.

The scope of our bespoke assessment design service is boundless, from a re-skin of the Psycruit platform to mirror your company branding – to creating custom ability tests or personality questionnaire scales based on custom scenarios that perfectly match your company values.

Bespoke assessment options can also include ATS (applicant tracking system) design or app-based assessments with gamified elements.

We take a collaborative approach to bespoke assessment design, working with you to first understand your role requirements and then creating tools based on a range of job analysis techniques. Bespoke assessments are the best way to convey your organisational ethos and create a lasting impression in your candidates.

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Bespoke Assessment Examples