Personality Questionnaires Advice

What you need to know

Personality questionnaires measure your preferred style and approach at work. They are not tests and do not have right or wrong answers.

They can measure a range of different aspects about your personality, such as the way you behave around others, your approach to tasks and decisions, your emotional style and the values and motivations that drive you at work.

Employers use personality questionnaires to:

  • Help to understand the fit between the demands of a job and the personality, motivations and values of the individual
  • Encourage people to develop a greater level of self-awareness through understanding the results of the questionnaire
  • Provide an understanding of development needs and aspirations to facilitate career progression

The results from personality questionnaires are usually combined with information from other tools and activities, such as application forms, development centres and interviews, which can give you the opportunity to comment and elaborate on your responses to the questionnaire.