Preparing for an Assessment Centre

How to prepare for an Assessment?

Assessment exercises are used in assessment and development centres. These are events which help employers to build a comprehensive picture of your strengths and weaknesses in relation to a particular job. The results of the assessments can be used to help make decisions about recruitment, development, and promotion.

Types of assessment exercise

Typical assessment events consists of a number of activities that have been specifically selected to help build a picture of your potential performance and style in a role with the employer. These activities can include:

  • Group discussions – these can involve the whole candidate group or smaller sub-groups who must work together to meet a challenge

  • One-to-one meetings – You will work with another candidate or role-player to come up with some solutions to a range of issues

  • Analysis exercises – In the olden days these were In-basket tasks; modern analysis exercises require you to make decisions based on a range of information

You should learn more about yourself as a result of taking part in an assessment event. The style and approach you demonstrate in response to the assessment activities will offer you insights into your potential performance in the role, the strengths you can bring to bear, and the areas you may choose to develop further.