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Criterion raise a smile for Freddy

Criterion raise a smile for Freddy

Criterion raise a smile for Freddy

This week at the Criterion offices, we welcomed Sarah Hobden, Trustee and head of fundraising at FreddySmile, a small local 100% volunteer charity set up to help children with cancer. Freddy is the son of local couple Kelly and Warren Street who set up the charity in his name.

Freddy was diagnosed with a tumour on his neck and during his treatment the family were sent on a holiday to the New Forest as respite from the hospital visits and doctors allowing Freddy and his siblings to just be children and have fun. They decided they would set up a charity to offer families in their situation the same. Freddy made a full recovery and the charity succeeds in offering what they set out to do.

As well as the holidays they are the only charity in the UK and Ireland to offer Hickman Dry Suits so that children going through treatment can swim.

A Hickman line is fitted for the administration of medicine to the children and cannot get wet. Without the dry suits swimming or being immersed in water would be unheard of.

The Shortie Drysuit has been designed specifically for children with a PICC line (Hickman Line) fitted. This allows the wearer to be immersed in water whilst keeping the medical equipment dry.

FreddySmile provide these dry suits free of charge to families who need them for their children. Each suit is handmade and costs the charity £250 each but they are priceless to the families who need them allowing the children to swim and play with their friends as well as the health benefits of enabling them to become weightless and take hydro therapy as part of palliative care and so on.

Criterion Partnership purchased five of these suits which will go to children aged 2 and 4 years old currently on the waiting list.

For more information about FreddySmile to keep up to date with events or to donate please find freddysmile fundraising page on facebook follow @freddysmilefr on twitter or contact Sarah Hobden at sarah-freddysmile@live.co.uk or on 07885 622541.

Published by Issy Hunter

May 24th, 2015 | Events, News

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