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A Pragmatist’s Guide to Game-based Assessment

A Pragmatist’s Guide to Game-based Assessment

A Pragmatist’s Guide to Game-based Assessment

Are gamified assessments the new avocado?

When there’s a lot of buzz around a new product it can be difficult to know whether it’s worth the hype. Although the concept of gamified assessments have been around for some time, over recent months game-based assessments have soared to the front of the industry’s consciousness. Sparking a lot of conversation among recruiters, HR professionals and business psychologists alike, the advocates are convinced it’s the next big thing, whereas others are hesitant to be so optimistic about its role in selection and development.

So is game-based assessment a fad or the future? In the webinar below, Criterion’s director Alan takes a pragmatic and balanced approach; reviewing firstly the different varieties of ‘gamification’ and then addressing the pros and cons of each, so you can understand exactly what you need to know.






Published by Issy Hunter

October 20th, 2017 | Psychometrics, Recruitment, News

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