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Case Study: Identifi Global Resourcing

identifi global


There is still innovation in the air at Bletchley Park, the birthplace of modern computing. Not least because this is where Identifi Global’s team of industry leading recruiters are based, matching cyber security, business IT and digital professionals with roles that perfectly suit their skills, personality and values.

Identifi’s past experience with psychometric assessments had left them with the impression that the tools tended to be too convoluted, or priced such that they were difficult to roll out extensively across the business. However, their main pain point had been that previous tools placed emphasis on measuring candidates as a means to ‘weed out’ rather than as a way to really enhance the candidate experience.

Criterion’s candidate is king approach, coupled with our intuitive reporting designed for busy recruiters meant Psycruit was the ideal platform for Identifi going forwards.


  • 100% of recruiters felt that they had a deeper understanding of candidates
  • 100% of recruiters strongly agreed or agreed that the tools helped to differentiate from competitors
  • 100% of recruiters strongly agreed or agreed that the platform had supported better interview
  • 100% of recruiters felt that the platform had helped to reduce subjective bias
  • 100% of recruiters felt the platform had helped support them to sell candidates to clients


During the beginning of our partnership with Identifi we discussed their key aims for using the tools in their business:

  • Use psychometrics to differentiate their offering and provide a more professional and broader service to clients
  • Support recruiters to use the tools to increase objectivity and impact during interview
  • Use tools as means to bridge the gap between recruitment and talent management; providing added value to candidates through feedback and more personalised interviews

Our Proposed Approach

  1. Initial training conducted with group of recruiters, since topped up as new people joined the business, as well as more in depth workshops on themes such as psychometric feedback skills and selling psychometrics.
  2. Utilised full range of online assessment tools at the start of candidate journey for both internal and external placements.

  3. Implementation by ‘stealth’: Identifi measure every candidate and use the Interviewer Report to dig deeper during interview.

  4. They then use the Onboarding Report to gain buy in when presenting chosen candidates to clients.

  5. Following an exciting year, Psycruit is now integrating with Identifi’s homepage to draw in candidates who each receive an automatic Feedback Report when they submit CV and complete the Core PQ.

The Results & Client Feedback

“The personality questionnaire data has allowed much deeper and personable conversations with our candidates. We have a much clearer sense of them and can qualify their personality, especially their culture fit in a way that we and they trust. The candidates have loved taking the time to understand themselves and the stealth approach really worked for us, as once the clients had seen the results they immediately recognised the benefits and we didn’t need to ‘sell’ it in.

This stuff was once a dark art, but Criterion made it uncomplicated and our clients have bought into this simplicity and what we are trying to achieve. We have seen truer and more lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.” 

- Gary Fay, Director.

“The verbal and numerical reasoning tests have shown to be a really good differentiator. We often have candidates who in terms of technical skill may look identical, but the ones who stay in roles for longer are the ones with better communication and a match in terms of cultural fit. The tools have allowed us to measure this from the beginning, particularly the verbal reasoning test; the candidates who score highly on this tend to do well in the role, it’s as simple as that.”

- Peter Sanders, Director

“Being new to the business and never using psychometric testing before, I have seen Criterion provide Identifi with a high level of support and training as they have needed, be it on a 'one to one' or 'group' based training. Having a dedicated person also provides a more personalised partnership. This all packaged up appears to provide everyone at Identifi the opportunity to make the most from the Psycruit tool, from a candidate, customer and individual perspective.”

- Identifi Recruitment Team Member


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