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Case Study: Argos Recruitment & Selection



Argos is a successful, well known household retailer with over 700 stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland, where they employ approximately 33,000 people across the business.

Argos identified the need for a second stage sift for three different Store Manager roles after candidates had met the minimum standards of the roles through application form.


  • Fully branded, bespoke system, with integrated personality and ability tests
  • Developed bespoke personality questionnaires for key management roles
  • Streamlined the recruitment process for more effective recruiting


With Criterion’s extensive experience in online retail recruitment and selection, Argos chose Criterion Partnership to provide them with an online assessment system. We worked with Argos to identify the following objectives:

  • To be effective and efficient with their retail management recruitment
  • To provide three different Store Manager roles with results and outputs that will support and add value to their recruitment efforts
  • To enable Argos to lift the calibre of candidates coming through to the interview stage
  • To assess candidates based on their values and key leadership qualities
  • To be a seamless candidate journey
  • To be easy to use for the recruiter
  • To contain buy-in from the rest of the business

Our Approach

In order to ensure a seamless candidate journey that raised the calibre of Store Managers coming to interview, Criterion Partnership first conducted a series of stakeholder interviews and focus groups, to thoroughly understand the individual roles before successfully completing the following:

  • A verbal and numerical reasoning test for each role based around a relevant retail theme
  • A bespoke personality questionnaire for each of the three individual Store Manager roles
  • A bespoke system which integrated the personality questionnaire and ability tests so that candidates only need to visit one site
  • The system was created to automatically assign the correct assessments to candidates depending on the role
  • The system used Argos themes and logos to be in keeping with the employer branding
  • Familiarisation sessions with regional area managers were set up
  • Developed a support pack for stores using the system outputs

The Results

The tests were trialled on existing Store Managers to guarantee the tests were statistically robust and to also get feedback from the test takers more generally. The tests received great feedback from the test takers and the regional managers; subsequently this was rolled out to the business in 2010.

As a result of the success of the system, parallel versions were created for Sales Consultants and the system is also used for Head Office roles at Home Retail Group.

Argos Case Study

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