We are Criterion. 

We are a firm of occupational psychologists who work to help people to perform more effectively, enjoy greater career success and enjoy what they do within our client’s organisations. We do this by applying psychology to the workplace. We help our clients to become outstanding in the way they select, develop and retain people.

Leading Psychometric Assessment Providers

We develop cutting-edge online psychometrics, assessment centres, development interventions, leadership programmes, and culture change processes.

Our off-the-shelf products, bespoke solutions and consultancy services have a track record of success in terms of their effectiveness, impact and return on investment. Our philosophy of elegant, practical, creative and flexible design produces outcomes that make a difference for organisations, businesses and people at work.

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Our Values

Be Scientific - Final V2-1-1-1-1-1

  • We’re pioneers and innovators in our industry
  • Grounded in research; we have a scientific core
  • Valid, reliable and trusted assessments
  • We are dynamic, always ahead of the curve


Make it Easy - Final v2-2-1

  • We have a candidate is king philosophy
  • We provide support through multiple channels
  • No nonsense approach using transparent, user friendly language
  • Intuitive and flexible tools and assessments


Be Human - Final v2-1-1

  • We cultivate powerful partnerships to achieve together
  • Always striving to learn, grow, and question
  • We help each other thrive, and invest in the success of our people
  • We are humble, fostering a community of warmth and belonging