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What’s in the Report?

Our Team Strengths Report provides valuable insight in to an individual’s areas of strengths within a team based setting, and the likelihood of them adopting various roles.

The report contains user friendly guidelines that show how to use the report, including how to get the most out of it, appropriate interpretation of the results and where to find more information on the candidate’s profile.

Team Strengths Report also provides an overview of 4 key dimensions that Criterion have identified as broad team role types, which contribute to effective team work in an organisational context:

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Sample Psychometric Reports - Team Strengths

Under each dimension falls 2 roles; the report generates the candidate’s score for each of the 8 team role types and determines which style will most likely adopted by the individual when it comes to their role in a team.

Team Strengths also describes what areas of strength the individual may bring to the team for their two most likely adopted team types, along with any potential derailers to consider.

Other features

  • Adaptability score calculated, indicating how likely the individual is to adopt an alternative team style should the occasion call for it.
  • Could be used by a line manager, colleagues or the individual themselves, in a group setting or individual.
  • Good insight to identify strengths and gaps within the team.

Visual Elements

A combination of graphics are used to compliment the report narrative exploring the individual’s team strengths.

The colour wheel (right) provides a summary of scores on each of the 8 team types, whilst the team strengths summary (below) provides context around these scores and ranks them from most likely through to least likely adopted team types.

The colours allow ease of determining which quadrant their strengths best fit and also a means of comparing team compatibility between colleagues if used in a group context.

Sample Psychometric Report - Team Strengths
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