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What’s in the Report?

Describes key findings on a candidate’s sales potential, indicating their work styles, strengths and preferences in the context of desirable sales role attributes.

Our Sales Report comes with guidelines on how to use the report, including how to get the most out of it, appropriate interpretation of the results and where to find more information on the candidate’s profile.

An overview of the 4 sales quadrants that Criterion have identified as personality areas shared by successful sales people, and how these contribute to effective sales at each stage of the sales process:

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  • A Total Sales Score indicating how the candidate’s sales potential compares to their peers.
  • A more in depth look in to the candidate’s scores on each sales quadrant, including potential strengths and derailers.

Other Features

  • Links the sales quadrantsto a 5-part sales cycle:Establishing the relationship > Recognising the need > Form a solution > Deliver and close the sale > Follow up and retention.
  • Our Sales Reports are made for use by a line manager or the recruitment team, and can also be used for feedback with the individual.

Visual Elements

Graphics are used to compliment the Report’s written insight into the candidate’s sales potential.

The below Sales Cycle graphic can be used to eyeball a candidate’s strengths, with higher scores indicating stronger sales attributes and preferences.

The Total Sales Score bar offers a visual representation of the candidate’s overall sales potential across all of the sales quadrants combined.

Sales Report for hr - Sample Sales Report
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