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What’s in the Report?

Our Leadership Reports provide valuable insight into an individual’s leadership potential, indicating their work styles, strengths and preferences relating to leadership roles. The reports are based on the Criterion Leadership Model, with leadership potential being displayed across 12 attributes which fall under 4 key areas.

  • Derived from years of experience and research, this model is designed to help identify personality characteristics that are typically associated with successful leadership, and how these might determine the leadership style that the individual is likely to adopt.
  • This report enables you to consider the implications of the individual’s strongest preferences and tendencies and how these may influence their potential to lead successfully within your organisation.
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Key Features

The below visual provides an overview of the individual’s leadership potential profile across each of the 12 attributes and 4 quadrants. This allows you to eyeball within which areas the individual may hold the most potential in terms of possessing traits and qualities associated with successful leadership.

The report explores each of these 12 qualities in more depth, giving detailed narrative specific to the individual about the work styles and preferences that they might demonstrate in relation to each area.

Exploring their personality questionnaire responses within a leadership context, the report explores where certain traits may act as a strength or potential area of concern when having to lead others and drive the organisation forward.

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