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Teacher Training Personality Assessment

Welcome to the Abacus teacher training assessment site. This site is dedicated to guiding ITT suppliers in understanding how non-cognitive assessments might be used for their individual ITT selection process.

Why use non-cognitive assessments for the selection of trainee teachers?

The ‘Training our next generation of outstanding teachers: Implementation plan’ (June 2011) highlighted that in England, there has been an improvement in trainee qualification levels for trainee teachers, however we are not yet matching the highest performing countries. One area for improvement was identified to be the selection of trainee teachers in the first place. Interpersonal skills have been identified as one of the crucial aspects to reliably improve the selection of trainee teachers.

It has been stated that:

  • All providers of ITT are expected to assess these skills before accepting anyone onto the training process
  • ITT suppliers are expected to decide for themselves which approach to use
  • Ofsted inspection of ITT providers will assess the selection methods in place and their impact on the quality and employability of teachers who enter the profession
  • The resources will compliment the skills tests which, for trainees starting ITT from September 2013, need to be passed before training commences