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Personality questionnaires

CAL: Create your own personality questionnaires

The Criterion Attribute Library (CAL) gives you the power to determine what your personality questionnaire measures. You’re not stuck with the 16, 32 or 108 dimensions that we think you should measure.

Instead you make sure that your CAL personality questionnaire works for you by selecting from the Criterion Attribute Library of 46 personality scales, which includes a diverse range of scales to choose from covering:

  • Interpersonal style: How you relate to people
  • Thinking style: Your approach to tasks, decisions and challenges
  • Emotional style: Your reaction to the emotional demands of work
  • Motivational values: What you find rewarding and energising in a job
  • Culture-fit values: The organisational and team culture in which you work best

Your CAL personality questionnaire will be specifically focused on your assessment needs and possess the usual Criterion Partnership high standards of psychometric power. CAL assessments are delivered through our Coast platform to ensure an excellent candidate experience through compliance with today’s internet standards of accessibility, navigability, security and inter-operability with other sites.


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Use your leadership model, values, or competency framework as a basis for your selection of scales and candidate reports structure. You can even determine how long your assessment will take to complete; long or short, it’s your choice.


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