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What is Coast?

Coast is a flexible online psychometrics platform that enables you to create bespoke assessment campaigns for recruitment and development processes.

The Coast platform offers unrivalled flexibility. Choose assessments from a comprehensive suite of online psychometric tests including: ability tests, personality questionnaires and situational judgement tests.

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Key Features of COAST

What’s Inside Coast?

Why Use an Online Psychometric Test?

Online psychometric tests include diagnostics for recruitmentselection and personal development purposes.

Psychometric tests enable you to identify the best candidates and help individuals to develop their performance at work through measures of reasoning, personality, emotional style, motivation, culture-fit and potential.

Psychometrics have been found to be the single most effective predictor of job performance available, outperforming interviews, references, bio-data and every other commonly used assessment procedure.

Unlike other forms of assessment, psychometric tests are highly objective, meaning that they are not susceptible to subjective influences and assessor biases. They can also provide a broader profile of the candidate and their skills and abilities.

  • Easy administration: simple and effective way of testing candidates

  • Cost effective: lower recruiting costs and maximise efficiency with remote assessments

  • Reduce turnover costs by selecting the best candidates

  • Candidate experience: candidates respond positively to their face validity and ease of completion

  • Reputation: provide a professional recruitment experience and boost your corporate image

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