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What is On-Boarding?

Intelligent recruiting means more than just selecting the right candidates for the job. Without a thorough on-boarding process, new hires are left disengaged or overwhelmed, often leading to early resignation.

However, when new team members undergo a structured and thorough introduction, huge increases in employee retention, engagement and productivity are seen.

Online psychometric tests

Companies that leave on-boarding to chance experience average failure rates of 50% when it comes to retaining new talent.

Improving Your On-Boarding Process


Make Their First Day Memorable

4% of workers have left work after a disastrous first day! Therefore it is imperative that you leave a long-lasting, good impression on your new hires.

Make Them Feel Valued

By adopting an individual, tailored approach to each new recruit, you ensure your new hires feel engaged and supported, which helps maximise their potential.

Set Expectations Early and Often

60% of companies don’t set any goals or KPI’s for new recruits, which increases disengagement and overall job dissatisfaction, making them more likely to leave.

Utilise Psychometric Data

On-boarding reports give your business tailored information on each new recruit, allowing you to provide adaptable inductions that fit their specific needs.

Why You Need Better On-Boarding


Research has estimated that U.S. and U.K. employees cost businesses around £30 billion every year because they do not fully understand their job roles.

The Benefits of Good On-Boarding?

Good on-boarding reduces the costs of learning on the job as employees will have a clear idea of their responsibilities from the outset. It saves co-workers and supervisors valuable time training the new employee, meaning a more productive workforce.

A good on-boarding programme can increase employee morale and reduce turnover of staff by making employees feel valued, saving your company valuable time and money in the long term.


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