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Test training

Psychometric qualifications

TUA4If you want to use psychometric tests in the UK you need to be a qualified test user and registered with the British Psychological Society.

We offer a choice of training programmes that enable you to achieve the qualification of Test-User Ability (TUA), Test-User Personality (TUP) and Test-User Assistant. In the olden days (before 2011) these were Level A, Level B and Test Administration.

These are industry standard qualifications based on a syllabus of assessments developed by the British Psychological Society (BPS). These qualifications enable you to use psychometric tests published by UK test publishers.


Choice of programmes

Our courses are delivered on an in-house basis at a time and place of your choice. You can choose between four course formats:

  • Psychometric qualifications (TUA) training course 3 days
  • Test-User Personality  (TUP) training course 3 days
  • Combined TUA+TUP training course 5-days
  • Test-User Assistant training course 1-day

Distance learning

We also offer a distance learning programme for the TUA+TUP training. The coursework can be completed at your own pace and will include an observed feedback day, here at our offices in Brighton, after which you will be fully accredited. Contact us for more information and prices for distance learning.

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