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Choosing psychometric tests

Are you confused?

Choosing the right psychometric test, personality questionnaire or assessment exercise can be tricky. The Criterion assessment model applies to both the recruitment and development process and emphasises the importance of not relying on a single type of assessment to make important decisions about people at work. We strongly recommend that you combine assessments to get maximum value from your assessment processes:

While our team of psychologists are always happy to provide free advice, sometimes you want to get on with exploring your options on your own.


Let the ‘Testulator’ help you!

Our Choosing the right test wizard (or “Testulator”) helps you to identify what instruments from the Criterion Partnership range of assessment and development tools can help you meet your needs. Simply use the Testulator to specify who you want to assess and what you want to measure and it will identify which instruments meet your requirements.

Alternatively you can contact us for more detailed advice – which at least may help reassure our team that their jobs are safe from being replaced by robots. For now!


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