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Bespoke psychometric tests

Tests made to measure

All our off-the-shelf psychometrics are built to be flexible, user-configurable, and to adapt to your needs. But sometimes you need something uniquely suited to your assessment process.

Bespoke or customised psychometric assessments can include measures of situational judgment, abstract reasoning, advanced-level critical reasoning, 360 feedback surveys, and personality questionnaires.

Ability tests are built with role-specific content and subject matter. Bespoke psychometrics communicate your employer brand messages to test takers.


Your bespoke assessments can be delivered online through re-skinned Coast candidate pages to conform to your employer brand. The on line assessment can be fully integrated with your other HR management systems for a seamless candidate journey, ideal for high volumes. We can redesign candidate reports to fit with your recruitment and development processes.

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“At Wetherspoon, we deal with anything up to half a million applications from candidates each year. We needed a robust solution that would really help us select the best candidates to work in our busy pubs…that’s where Criterion Partnership came in….they transformed our recruitment process and allowed us to improve the quality of hire”                                                             
Laura Purvis, Recruitment Manager Wetherspoons wetherspoons images

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