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Ability tests

Mental firepower matters at work

Cognitive ability, critical reasoning, common sense. Whatever you call it, the power of your mental abilities makes a real difference to performance and potential at work.

Criterion Partnership ability tests set new standards in test design:

  • Candidate friendly: Engaging, work-relevant, and low-stress candidate experience
  • Psychometric rigour: High reliabilities, free validation research, verification facility
  • Fair for all: Fully adjustable assessments for all candidate needs



Three levels of testing

Our tests measure a range of work-specific abilities at three levels of difficulty through our online assessment platform Coast or via paper & pencil equivalents.

  • Our Utopia verbal, numerical, and abstract critical reasoning series– Top level managers and graduates
  • Our B2C verbal, numerical, and checking reasoning series– Customer facing, junior management and administrative roles
  • Our CWS verbal, numerical, and mechanical reasoning series– Production, manufacturing and engineering roles

We also develop bespoke ability tests that precisely match your assessment needs and employer brand.

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