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Cognitive ability, critical reasoning, common sense. Whatever you call it, the power of your mental abilities makes a real difference to performance and potential at work.

What is an ability test?

Ability tests or aptitude tests are standardised methods of assessing an individual’s performance in different work related tasks or situations. They measure potential rather than just academic performance, and are frequently used by employers as indicators of how people will perform in a work setting.

Ability tests provide valuable insight in to a candidate’s ability to process information whilst working within a time limit. They are a good predictor of job performance and when used alongside other psychometrics, such as personality questionnaires, provide a well-rounded picture of an individual in the workplace.

Online psychometric ability and aptitude tests
  • Candidate friendly: Engaging, work-relevant, and low-stress candidate experience

  • Psychometric rigour: High reliabilities, free validation research, verification facility

  • Fair for all: Fully adjustable assessments for all candidate needs

Types of test

Criterion ability tests

Criterion sets new standards for testing. We offer three levels of assessment; high, mid and blue collar, each containing a range of rigorous and cost-effective tests. All of our assessments are available online on our Coast platform or in the more traditional paper and pencil format. Our tests can mixed and matched to tap into those skills critical to your organisation and you don’t have to have test user training to administer them online.

Ability test report

The Criterion ability test report provides a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s performance on one or more ability test. It contains an overview of the tests taken, including what they assess and how they are scored and guidelines on how to use the report; how to get the most out of it and appropriate interpretation of the results. Test results are then explored in more detail and are linked to what their scores may suggest in terms of how effectively the candidate may deal with the demands of a role requiring those abilities measured by the assessment.

Additional Features:

Coast has a verification feature. If you want to check a candidate’s performance, you can ask them to complete a short follow-up test to check their ability on a particular assessment. The report will incorporate and analyse the results of the verification test alongside the candidate’s original test results so you can make a well informed decision on your candidate’s ability.

Adjustable scoring, giving you choice over how your candidates’ results are displayed. Pick from Stens, T-scores or percentiles.

Traffic light scoring using red, amber, green (RAG) to indicate overall performance.

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