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Ability Tests

Gauge Candidate Ability & Suitability

Cognitive ability, critical reasoning, common sense. Whatever you call it, the power of your mental abilities makes a real difference to performance and potential at work.

Criterion Partnership ability tests set new standards in test design:

  • Candidate friendly: Engaging, work-relevant, and low-stress candidate experience
  • Psychometric rigour: High reliabilities, free validation research, verification facility
  • Fair for all: Fully adjustable assessments for all candidate needs
Online psychometric ability and aptitude tests

What is an Ability/Aptitude Test?

Ability tests or aptitude tests are standardised methods of assessing an individual’s performance in different work related tasks or situations. They measure potential rather than just academic performance, and are frequently used by employers as indicators of how people will perform in a work setting.

Candidates complete ability tests within a time limit and their results are scored against others who have previously completed the same tests, providing a more meaningful evaluation of their cognitive abilities.

How are Ability Tests Administered?

Ability tests may be administered online or in a paper and pencil format. Online psychometrics are more popular as they allow candidates the flexibility of when and where to complete assessments and do not require administrators. Ability tests are particularly suitable during the initial screening process as they are cost-effective, and provide immediate results.

More traditional pencil and paper assessments are used more frequently in the later stages of the recruitment process during assessment centres. They require administrators to be qualified in test administration but have the advantage of supervision which eliminates collusion and also ensures the assessments are taken under standardised conditions.

Why Use an Ability Test?

Ability tests provide valuable insight in to a candidate’s ability to process information whilst working within a time limit. Ability tests are a good predictor of job performance and when used alongside other psychometrics, such as personality questionnaires, provide a well-rounded picture of an individual in the workplace.

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