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Engaging, flexible, powerful

Our psychometric tests employ leading-edge design principles to deliver assessments that:

  • Reinforce your employer brand
  • Fulfill your specific needs
  • Powerfully predict performance

Our off-the-shelf and bespoke personality questionnaires, ability tests and situational judgement tests are built to reflect the demands of modern organisations and their test-takers. We develop psychometrics that are pragmatic, candidate-friendly, and quick and easy to use.

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tpq-report_1The content and results of our psychometrics can be easily adapted to meet your needs. Personality questionnaires can be quickly configured to measure the traits, values and style that are critical to performance in your organisation. Candidate reports can be used by anyone involved in your assessment process to explore profiles and results.

Our psychometrics can be delivered online through our Coast platform or using traditional paper & pencil materials.


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