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Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications and Training – Turning your vision into reality

Criterion Partnership exists to turn your business vision into reality. We can do this by understanding your aims and then mobilising your resources, using our wealth of experience in the areas of corporate communications and change management.

We will work with you to distil your business plans into clear and concise messages for your key stakeholders. We will utilise a diverse range of communication methods to make sure these messages are received and felt by the people in your organisation. If needed, we will formulate a coherent training and development strategy, which will ensure that your people are ready and able to execute your vision in their day-to-day operations.

“When it comes to designing and delivering conferences, Criterion Partnership have great organisational skills and attention to detail. They know how to reach out to the audience and stir up their motivations – they’ve helped us to deliver messages in ways that are compelling and memorable.”

Steve Duncan, Executive Chairman, Alliance BootsAlliance Boots

Getting it right

Our work with you takes care of the finer points to ensure that your communications and training interventions deliver the right outcomes at the point of delivery. Our goal is to work beyond strategy formulation to ensure that our tactical solutions have hit their target with precision. This means striving for clarity, purpose and impact at every level of detail.

Our solutions cut through the haze of corporate life to ensure that incisive communication and sensitive change management provides you with the competitive differentiation which your business requires.

We know how to reach your people in ways that will inspire their commitment and strengthen their trust.

What we offer

  • Corporate Conferences
  • Culture change programmes
  • AGMs
  • Sales conferences
  • Corporate Media

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