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Making it happen

We will work with you to define your core messages and a clear definition of the changes needed. We will work with you to create interventions that are practical to a business environment as well as reflecting the specific aspirations and sensitivities of your people.
Commonly we are asked by organisations to assist with change in one of two main areas:

  • They need to implement a new process effectively
  • They want to move their organisational culture in a new direction (e.g. aligned to new core values)



“The Psychologists at Criterion Partnership have understood our business more deeply than any of our other providers. The solutions they’ve created are uniquely tailored to our requirements, meaning they have real credibility with our people. The response has been exceptional and our successes in the UK will be rolled out across Europe.”

Sue Moore, General Manager, Alphega Pharmacy UK, Alliance Bootsdownload

Our approach

Assessing the current position

We begin any change intervention by using a range of tools and techniques to ensure that we thoroughly understand the current position of your organisation; your needs and your culture. This insight informs the design of interventions, ensuring they are relevant and appropriate.

Leading change

We believe strong, informed leadership that is balanced by openness and flexibility is at the heart of successful change. Our interventions help leaders to reflect on their personal experience of change and build their confidence and abilities to lead their teams through this time.

Personal change experiences

We have found it extremely effective to use interventions that include all of your organisations’ people in the change process, encompassing those who are naturally supportive of change and those who may be cautious and even resistant to change.

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