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Organisation development

Sometimes change needs to happen that is bigger than any individual or single function within an organisation. The pace of change in modern life requires businesses to respond, adapt, and sometimes shake-up the way things are done.

This doesn’t always mean wholesale change. We have worked with clients to develop cultures of continuous and incremental change that evolve their business rather than engage in disruptive  transformations.

As psychologists we take a holistic view of your organisation, its culture and values, your people, customers, market, public perceptions. This holistic perspective distills down into three areas of focus:




We work closely with you to build and deliver OD interventions that make a real difference to your business. This means aligning people and processes with the strategic intentions of your organisation. We help you to develop the strategic focus, communication methodology and implementation plan for your interventions.

Our OD approach is based on our model of values, communication and engagement:

  • Values – we ensure that your values are embedded in everything that we do
  • Communication – we are specialists in effectively communicating the right message in the right way and to the right people
  • Engagement  – we use methods to engage the entire organisation

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