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Review your numerical test answers

Your answers

1: How many of the site visitors spent 3 minutes or less browsing? (Note give your answer as a number of visitors, not a percentage.)

You answered:

Correct answer: 8,550
57 X 15,000 = 855,000
855,000/100 = 8,550 visitors

2: What percentage of visitors spent between 4 and 13 minutes browsing the site?

You answered:

Correct answer: 38%
16% +13%+9% = 38% of visitors

3: If the total number of visitors is 210,478, estimate how many browsed the site for less than 10 minutes. (Note give your answer as a number of readers, not a percentage.)

You answered:

Correct answer: 181,011
57%+16%+13% = 86%
86/100 = 0.86
0.86 X 210,478 = 181,011 visitors

Advice for test takers

These practice questions are very similar to the ones you will find in high-level online numerical reasoning tests such as the Utopia Series. The questions are at quite difficult level but familiarising yourself with ability tests by completing these example questions may help improve your performance in real tests.

What else can you do to improve?


Practice. You can maximise your test performance using test practice books. Completing example test questions can help to familiarise you with the format of an ability test so that, on the day, you know what to expect. Many people get nervous when completing tests but being prepared may help you to control your nerves.

Grow your abilities. Your performance on tests will improve if you develop the abilities they measure. You can grow an ability by completing lots of example tests and questions. Numerical ability can be developed through completing maths problems, making financial calculations or analysing numerical data at work.

Ask questions. If there is anything that you don’t understand, make sure you ask about it before taking the test.

Pace yourself. Most tests are timed so make sure you know how much time you have for the test so that you can pace yourself.

Do not get stuck. If you find a particular question difficult do not spend too much time on it. Give your best answer and go on to the next.

Concentrate. Work as quickly and accurately as you can and do not get distracted.

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