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Team building

Harmonising, Leading and Performing

Whether your team is new or long standing, strong or affected by conflict, Criterion Partnership provides team building activities which make a real difference to the relationships within the group and the effectiveness of its performance.


Our courses focus on the three critical elements of effective team work:

  • Self-awareness
  • Team dynamics
  • Communication and effective group behaviours



We design activities that evoke a range of responses associated with communication, decision-making and the constructive management of team dynamics. Our approach takes your participants on a journey and depending on the purpose and nature of the event, captures emotions such as; fun, challenge, humour, disclosure, feedback, surprise and learning.

A choice of Team building

We provide off-the-shelf team building activities as well as the ability to create tailored events. Our methodologies are adapted to facilitate requirements such as ice-breaking, self-disclosure, real working-life simulations, competition, celebrating success and positive team change.

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