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Stress workshops

Working with stress

The Working with Stress programme enables you to develop strategies to work with your unique experience of stress. Programmes are delivered on an in-company basis and can range from half-day workshops to two full day interventions.

Through the use of psychometrics and guidance from our chartered psychologists, our course facilitates structured self-exploration allowing you to understand your personal experience of stress and coping with it in the work place. This understanding and the opportunity to explore a range of stress management exercises, ensures that you find the right approach that works for you.

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Paths to success

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As well as material affluence the term success is synonymous with thoughts of vitality, fulfilment,emotional well-being and peace of mind. Our two-day programme explores key principles from Eastern thought and then relates these principles to your real experience of balancing work and life.

Both programmes can be tailored to your organisational needs and objectives, to find out more about these courses download our course outlines here or contact us

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