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Talent management

talent mangementTalent management is a strategic endeavour that is most effective when there is engagement from all aspects of the organisation. Talent can come from both predictable and highly unexpected places, equipping your people with the insight and motivation to spot this to raise awareness in the right direction. For this reason we advocate more of a strategic or systems thinking approach. This is sometimes referred to as ‘feeding the talent pipeline’.

Talent management – it’s more than spotting future leaders

We often encounter the term ‘talent management’ when considering leadership because growing talent has the ultimate aim of finding our most promising future leaders, creating the most fertile environment we can to encourage their growth.

We believe it is also important to remember that we don’t always want our people to be striving for the next step on the ladder when they may be happier growing and developing where they are; we often see a higher level of performance from them too. Integrating this consideration into your talent management strategy can require some sophisticated thought but is always, in our experience, a worthwhile endeavour.

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