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Celebrating 25 years

Developing potential

 “High-performing companies are twice as likely as low-performing companies to make future leadership planning an integral part of people planning.

They also do more to attract and develop talented people, including having a higher likelihood of maintaining programs for “emerging” as well as “high” potential employees”.

Creating People Advantage Report, 2012 – Boston Consulting Group and the World Federation of People Management Associations

 Working with organisations to achieve their strategic objectives, Criterion Partnership applies over 20 years of experience to the task of developing leaders and their teams.

Starting with a clear understanding of what the business needs from those identified for development, we take a multidimensional approach to:

  • Defining what ‘high potential’ looks like
  • Identifying potential
  • Designing and delivering development programmes
  • Measuring success


developing potentialWhilst every client and project need is different, we encourage you to pick up the phone and talk to us about your needs. The links below are a useful guide to demonstrate the range of tools and services associated                                                                         with developing potential:

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