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Are you easily defined?

Add up the number of (a), (b), and (c) responses you gave to the five question test to identify which of the three personality types below best describes you:

Mostly (a)

Your personality type: You are very easy to define. You are decisive and tend to make a quick decisions by picking the first option that comes along. You like to get things settled rather than endlessly analyse. You prefer to avoid complicating decisions with things like ‘more information’ and ‘choices’. The technology in your life is left on default settings; paint-colour charts terrify you.

Mostly (b)

Your personality type: You are moderately easy to define. You tend to review choices in life and then pick the middle one. You prefer to avoid extremes and look for the middle ground. Your decisions benefit from the unique perspective offered by your position high up on the fence. You get three prices and reject the most and least expensive. Most of your possessions are beige.

Mostly (c)

Your personality type: You are quite difficult to define. You prefer to read all three options and then pick the last one. You tend to prolong making decisions by endlessly reviewing every possible option before making a choice.  You would rather leave things open than make definite plans. You often find that restaurants are closed by the time you’ve made plans to go.

Everyone is difficult to define.

People are complex beings. Our personalities are unique and subtly nuanced. You cannot define someone with any precision with a short test.

Proper psychometric assessments of personality are reliable, sophisticated and based on years of research.

This questionnaire is of course fake; but tests like this are out there and the results are often relied on to make decisions about people at work.

If an employer asks you to complete a test that, like this one, is short and doesn’t really belong in the modern workplace you should direct them to us. They can take a look at what real psychometric personality questionnaires should look like.

If you are using a test that, like this one, provides results that seem vague, samey, and not work-related then it is unlikely to be adding any value and will lead you to make bad choices about the people who complete it. Why not take a look at our personality questionnaires or contact us to find out more?


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