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Are you easily defined?

Take our 5 question test

Find out how easily you’re defined with this five question test. It’s quick and free and will tell you your  personality type. Follow the instructions below before starting the assessment.


Review each of the five test questions and for each one choose the option, (a), (b), or (c),  that you feel best describes you.

When you are completing the test please remember these points:

  • There are no right or wrong answers
  • There is no time limit for this test
  • Describe yourself as you really are rather than how you would like to be seen by others

How to score your responses

Add-up the number of answers,  (a)(b), or (c), that you selected and click the See my profile link to find out how easily defined you are.

Test questions

Question 1: Which of these statements best describes your personality:
  • (a) I must work before I can play
  • (b) Work and play are meaningless to me
  • (c) I can play anytime
Question 2: Are you the sort of person who:
  • (a) Acts first and asks questions later
  • (b) Is neither hasty nor slow
  • (c) Looks before they leap
Question 3: Which one of these words would friends use to describe you:
  • (a) Decisive
  • (b) Neither of the other two words
  • (c) Thoughtful
Question 4: Which of these statements best describes you:
  • (a) I am a regular user of tests
  • (b) I’m interested in both  taking and using tests
  • (c) I have taken tests like this before
Question 5: Are you the sort of person who:
  • (a) Is easy to define
  • (b) Is neither easy nor difficult to define
  • (c) Is difficult to define

Add up the number of (a), (b), and (c) responses you gave before clicking See my profile

See my profile

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