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Carousel 360 Pricing

Annual licence option

Usually, the most cost effective way to use Carousel 360 is to purchase an annual licence. In this case, you can run as many Carousel 360 assessments as you wish, up to an agreed limit. Simply let us know what limit you would like and we will be able to provide you with the cost of the licence. This option provides generous discounts for greater volumes.

Included in the annual licence fee is a ‘self’ questionnaire, questionnaires for as many nominees as you wish, and a report to download for each participant.

Guidance for participants, nominees and line managers is also available to download. Guides may be tailored to fit with your own internal processes at a small additional cost.


Choosing a bespoke 360 system means that you can tailor the process to look and feel like your very own system. Costs are based on the level of tailoring required.


The huge benefit of branding your Carousel 360 is that it becomes a seamless part of the development offering within your organisation. Contact us to get a quote for what you need.

Pay as you go

The cost of Carousel 360 on a ‘pay as you go’ option is based on the number of participants per 12 month period. As the volume increases, the cost per participant reduces.

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