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Based on the questionnaire responses, the Carousel 360 feedback platform produces a 360 report which can be easily downloaded by the system administrator.

The 360 feedback report can be used as the basis of a development discussion with a line manager/ internal facilitator or with one of our team who will act as an external facilitator – the choice is yours.

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Explore, review & reflect

Our 360 reports are colour coded, user-friendly and easy to understand.  360 Feedback Reporting allows the participant to:

  • Explore differences between the way they see themselves and feedback received from their colleagues
  • Review key areas of potential strength, as well as those areas where there may be scope for development.  These are highlighted in the report
  • Reflect on feedback and start to make notes of areas of particular interest for them.  Space is provided within the report to do this


pdf_iconDownload a sample 360 feedback report


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