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360 Feedback Reports

Utilising 360 Reports

Based on the questionnaire responses, the Carousel 360 feedback platform produces a 360 report which can be easily downloaded by the system administrator.

The 360 feedback report can be used as the basis of a development discussion with a line manager/ internal facilitator or with one of our team who will act as an external facilitator – the choice is yours.

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What’s in a 360 Feedback Report?

Your Carousel 360 report helps you to make sense of all the responses about you that were gathered by the feedback survey. It will help you to understand how you and the other people who completed the survey perceive your performance at work.

Our 360 feedback reports contain the following information:

Benefits of a 360 Feedback Report?

  • Representative:
    Our 360 feedback reports provide a more insightful and objective source of feedback than top down appraisals alone.
  • Transparent:
    360 Reports help reinforce the link between competencies, behaviours, values and effective job performance. The anonymity of 360 feedback encourages honest and insightful feedback than may otherwise be given face-to-face.
  • Empowering:
    Our reports encourages self-management and development planning.
  • Promotes dialogue:
    360 Feedback Reports provide a transparent process that encourages honest and objective feedback. They help direct and enhance performance appraisals and goal setting.
  • Strategy:
    360 Reports help to identify organisational trends, training needs and draw comparisons between employee groups for engagement strategy and goal setting.
  • Improve performance:
    360 Feedback has strong links with commercial performance, employee engagement and turnover.
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