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What are your options for Carousel 360?

Once a member of your team has selected his or her nominees they each receive a questionnaire online, delivered to their email address.

The questionnaire is made up of two main sections:

  • Scored questions designed around a set of competency based questions
  • Open ended questions (e.g. “What should your colleague do more of in order to improve their performance?”)

There are two options available for the questionnaire format.  You can either:

  • Tailor the questionnaire around your own competency framework or values
  • Choose to use our off the shelf leadership competency questionnaire

If you want to create a new competency framework to use in a questionnaire, we can help do that too – click HERE  to find out the support we can provide.

What’s best for you?

With Carousel 360 you decide what works best for you!


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pdf_iconTake a look at Carousel 360 off the shelf Competencies

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