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Carousel 360 is a 360° feedback process which enables an individual to collect online feedback from a selection of people who have worked with them in different roles. Roles can include:

  • Manager
  • Peers
  • Direct Reports
  • Other Stakeholders (these will be other colleagues internal to the organisation who do not fit into any of the categories above)

Individuals taking part nominate who they want to provide feedback, often after discussion with their line manager. They also have the opportunity to give their own views about their performance, which they can compare with other feedback given in the Carousel 360 degree feedback report.

Carousel 360 is typically used as a training and development tool. It has the added benefit of providing individuals with a richer picture of their performance than the more traditional line manager feedback can provide on its own.


Critical Success Factors

What do you need to think about as you plan and implement your 360 degree feedback process?



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