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Off-the-shelf exercises

Odyssey Assessments

Our off-the-shelf assessment and development centre exercises have been designed using the Odyssey assessment-design principles:

  • Engage, challenge, and entertain – participants and observers
  • Performance and potential – demonstrated in response to real-life business challenges
  • Simple and elegant – materials avoid needless complexity

Odyssey exercises are based on business scenarios, which, like a story or journey, have a beginning, a middle and an end to evoke a range of human emotions and motivations. These  may include: challenge, passion, humour, success, surprise and learning.

Four assessment portfolios

Odyssey assessment exercises are built around four portfolios, each based on a different business-scenario, to cover a diversity of levels and types of role, from junior through to executive. Each of the four portfolios contain a range of assessment exercises, including:

  • Group exercises
  • Analysis exercises
  • Negotiation and influencing exercises
  • Leadership, coaching, and relationship management exercises

The four Odyssey portfolios assess a comprehensive range of competencies and success factors, including influence, leadership, team-working, customer focus, drive and commercial focus.


Advice for people taking part in assessment exercises


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