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Assessment & Development Centre Exercises

Use our off-the-shelf or bespoke assessment and development exercises to evaluate strengths and development needs in action and reach the right decisions about recruitment, promotion and succession.

Our assessments build rich, penetrating and precise insights through activities that are engaging, distinctive, and thought-provoking for participants.

Off the Shelf Exercises

Odyssey Assessments

Our off-the-shelf assessment and development centre exercises have been designed using the Odyssey assessment-design principles.

Odyssey exercises are based on business scenarios, which, like a story or journey, have a beginning, a middle and an end to evoke a range of human emotions and motivations. These  may include: challenge, passion, humour, success, surprise and learning.

Bespoke Exercises

Bespoke exercises built for you

Having assessments developed specifically for your recruitment or development process greatly enhances the performance, impact, and validity of your assessment and development centres.

We have developed a specialism in the design of bespoke assessment exercises by developing activities for a diverse range of roles across different sectors. Our bespoke assessments have enabled our clients to:

Why Use an Assessment Centre?

Our assessment centres allow your business to make better decisions in job selection and recruitment by empowering your HR department to identify, select and retain the best people for the job.

Identify, select, retain the best

Your recruitment and development processes must find and keep hold of the best performers. We create assessment activities that work with you to attract, select, and develop the most excellent talent for your business.

Our off-the-shelf and bespoke materials can be used for both selection and development.

Our exercises are built to meet three critical assessment success factors:

  • Assess performance and potential to identify future talent
  • Communicate and assess culture-fit with your business
  • Be a pleasure for both participants and observers
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