Situational judgement tests: Advice 2014-07-11T16:16:31+00:00

What you need to know

Situational judgement tests are somewhere between an ability test and personality questionnaire. They present you with a range of scenarios, which you review before deciding the best approach to take to deal with the issues described.

Your responses to each scenario are used to build a picture of your style and abilities in relation to analysis, problem-solving and decision-making.

Employers use Situational Judgement Tests to:

  • Understand how you might respond to real situations and challenges in the job
  • Identify the effectiveness of your judgement
  • Give you an insight into the the situations and demands you would face in the job

The results from situational judgement tests are usually combined with information from other tools and activities, such as application forms, assessment exercises and interviews, which can give you the opportunity to comment and elaborate on your responses to the test.

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